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Recycled "LEAD FREE" Product!

The "All-In-One" Fishing Rig made from Recycled Beverage Bottles!

This Rig floats as a bobber or sinks as a weight when pennies, rocks, or sand are added or removed from within it's own internal chamber.

The Double Necker Fishing Rig has multiple uses that can be applied to all types of fishing from top to bottom. Try One Today!


Double Necker Rigs are hand made from 100 % post consumer Recycled Beverage Bottles. Bottles and closures are sterilized using a high temp scrub process. 

Bottles and Closures are Re-fabricated (REUSE) into a high quality fishing rigs known to us as Double Necker Rigs! 

Each Double Necker includes one (1) of our own V-Notched Closures. This allows users to hold the V-Notched closure up against the fishing line while threading the Double Necker body into the closure! Twist the Double Necker to secure the line to the closure. Simply twist to adjust line depth and your ready to fish. Use the Double Necker Rig as a float or add pennies, rocks, or sand to make it into an adjustable sinker.


Twist it, Cast it, Float it, Sink it, Slip it, Slide it, Light it, Bait it, Change it, Drag it, Drop it, Drift it, Pop it, Jerk it, Spin it, Bounce it......

The Double Necker Rig is not only unique by its originality of being a All-In-One Fishing Rig, it has the novel appearance of a recycled product!  

Double Necker Rigs promote recycling and reuse, users can color coordinate closures by simply recycling closures from empty common beverage bottles. Mix and match for fishing conditions or color coding for organization or seperating fishing lines etc. 


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